To us, innovation is simply finding better ways to meet customers’ needs. We work extensively with our clients to help them develop new products, services and business models.

Shine Sprints

Taking learnings from human-centred design, Google and the tech industry, Shine Sprints are a rapid innovation process lasting anywhere from 1 to 5 days. Shine Sprints have successfully developed new value propositions,  communications platforms, products, services and business models.

Shine Sprint process



Identify success. Identify problems. Collect and analyse insight and knowledge.



Needs, wants and recognised needs. Rapid idea generation.



Shape and form strong ideas into rapid prototypes.



Test and validate prototypes in real world, or as close as possible to.



Turn the strongest prototype(s) into an actual thing that will actually exist.

Spark Lab

To build a differentiated proposition for Spark Business, we developed a new concept called Spark Lab. An event and speaker series, content hub, digital tools and social community that brings business people together to learn, share and be inspired. Spark Lab is now in its third year and is growing by the day.


We worked with Lion to develop a new concept in non-alcoholic drinks; Hopt Soda. An innovative production process, the only non-alcoholic drink to use hops, and adding interesting adult flavours has seen Hopt quickly become a favourite of drinkers looking for something a little different.

Mac’s Soda

Extending the Mac’s brand in to non-alcoholic drinks was a project we worked closely with Lion on. Ensuring the brand was strengthened rather than diluted, and achieving product and packaging that would resonate were key challenges.

Jed’s Coffee

We worked with Bell Tea and Coffee company to develop an innovative new coffee brand – Jed’s from scratch. Jed’s disrupted the coffee market by demystifying beans and roasting, simplifying navigation and developing new distribution channels.

Healtheries Tea

Researching, insight development, strategic development, packaging design and marketing support of a new product range for Healtheries.

Meadow Fresh

We conducted a 5 day Shine Sprint with Goodman Fielder and key partners to develop a new proposition for Meadow Fresh Milk – permeate free milk. During the week-long session we redesigned the brand proposition and positioning, creating a product development roadmap off the back of that, as well as the creative vehicle, packaging, and media strategy.

Mac’s Brewbars

Shine worked closely with the team at Lion to concept, design and build the Mac’s Brew Bars nationwide. The project was largely spatial design-focused, centred on physical delivery of the Mac’s brand in the on-premise environment.

Hyundai IQ

Hyundai IQ is smart vehicle technology that helps owners to optimise their driving and the health/ performance of their car. We worked to develop a hub to centralise all the data collected and present it to drivers in a user-friendly way.