The third season of The Handmaid’s Tale. We wanted to Generate excitement about the new season not just with fans – but with people who may have drifted from the show.


We made ads for the uprising of the handmaids, and ‘oppressed’ them with Gilead censorship. By having the ad break through the censorship, we communicated the theme of rising up against Gilead in a unique way that worked across a variety of mediums. This campaign contributed to the highest launch night viewership Lightbox has ever had, a substantial spike in active users, and smashed targets for new sign-ups.

In addition to the main campaign, we also wanted to do something based on the insight that after watching the show, you need a bit of light relief to recover. So we created ‘Bubble Therapy’: bubble wrap that had the show’s anxiety-inducing characters in each bubble. We put Bubble Therapy posters up around the walls at Spark, and sent sheets of Bubble Therapy out to fans of the show so they could relieve their anxiety