5G, the fifth generation of wireless, will be one of the fastest, most robust technologies the world has ever seen and Spark are at the forefront of introducing New Zealand businesses to the possibilities of this game changing technology. We needed to excite businesses to the possibilities of 5G and demonstrate how Spark can help them utilise it to give their business an edge.


To demonstrate 5G’s phenomenal capabilities, Spark created New Zealand’s first 5G-enabled test environment. At its heart is Spark 5G Lab, a purpose-built space designed to house IOT, AI, Autonomous technology, and immersive experiences, and host live events, masterclasses, and partner showcases.

A significant achievement in the project was meeting the extremely ambitious timeline. The Spark 5G Lab project spanned 6 months from brief to completion. This was an extraordinary achievement, given the complexities of the build, the challenges of building and housing the 5G network technology and the strict conditions around the building. The Spark 5G Lab is the only 5G interactive space in NZ and one of only a handful of its kind in the world.