Having established the Spark for Business proposition ‘Giving NZ business an edge ‘ we needed to move into a substantiation phase.


The approach was centered around demonstrating how Spark is genuinely helping NZ businesses find their edge through technology. Having established New Zealand’s first 5G-enabled test environment – located in Wynyard Quarter Auckland, Spark are collaborating with NZ businesses to understand the future technology that 5G could unlock. We told the stories of the companies doing pioneering work at the 5G Lab, and anchored these case studies with a bold activation: New Zealand’s first 5G enabled driverless car.

By capturing people’s imagination, the driverless car has become a symbol for game-changing technology. We want New Zealand businesses to begin thinking about what their “driverless car” will be. From Emirates Team New Zealand to Paymark, from start-ups to big businesses, Spark is helping them discover the possibilities of 5G.