Good in the Hood is a well-known Z community support programme that has given over 6 million dollars to NZ charity groups.
But after several years in the marketplace, the public were not as excited by the program as they once were. How could we re-energise Kiwis about the good happening right in front of them?


Being good doesn’t have to be dull. Our challenge was to bring Good in the Hood to life in a way that made people take notice. Our solution was to bring some literal ‘good’ to New Zealand hoods – through our communications themselves. Partnering with Kiwi artist, Janine Wareham, we created vibrant murals in hoods around the country. The murals and street posters with inspiring messages urged Kiwis to vote for their favourite charity, but the artworks were Z’s gift to the local communities – a way of making the world a gooder place.