We’re an engine
for growth.

To most of us, growth simply means getting bigger.  But equally it’s about development and improvement.  It’s about progress and transformation.  Whether you’re an individual, an organisation, a community or society, growth is what we all strive for. 

So at Shine, that’s what we do. 

We’re a New Zealand based creative consultancy consisting of experienced specialists that partner with a cohort of world-class experts, and our clients, with one goal in mind: to strengthen and integrate the core growth drivers of business. 

The result is a powerful engine for growth in business, people, and the world around us. 

Business / Brand / Marketing / Digital

We are a mix of world class strategists. Working together as a tight team to solve problems & create value for our clients. Our team includes successful entrepreneurs, business analysts, digital strategy specialists & brand strategy experts. From finding & sizing new market opportunities, to building business models, brands & communication strategies – Shine have the expertise on hand.

Advertising / Design / Digital / Customer / Retail / Content

Communication has always been a core competency, and we work with our clients across all forms of advertising, digital, and customer communication, as well as graphic, packaging & in store design.

From emotive above the line communications, to targeted digital journeys, retail POS & packaging – our creative department & design studio are best in class.

Innovation / Sprint Design & Facilitation / Feasibility analysis / CX Mapping & Experience Design / Incubation

Finding new & better ways to delight customers is a key part of value creation. We are experienced at running design sprints across a wide range of business problems, customer journey mapping & CX/UX design processes.

Some of what's going on: